Ilyes Loussaief / Owner

Open after the udon shop is closed! Tunisian-style Mediterranean izakaya "JASMIN"

At restaurant share, instead of renting lunch time, we will open a restaurant that closes at noon or afternoon.


The style of renting and opening only at night is increasing. Ilyes Loussaief from Tunisia (hereafter

Mr. Shimo Elias) will be open from the end time of “Curry Udon Chikichi Iwamotocho” to the night.

The Mediterranean Izakaya “JASMIN” just opened on June 28, 2018. Oh A few days before Pun, we interviewed him about how he came to Japan and how he got to open a restaurant share.

It was.

Going abroad without finding the future in Tunisia

-What made you come to Japan from Tunisia?
For the purpose of traveling to Australia, I stayed at a friend’s house in Japan for about 2 months as a relay point.

I was there. At that time, I met my current wife, so I just got married and lived in Japan.
I’m sorry (laughs). My parents also especially about marrying Japanese and living in Japan
I didn’t object to it, so I’m still up to the present.

-I heard that you were studying law in Tunisia.

I was studying at the University of Tunisia and got a PhD. It was Tuni who decided to live in Japan. In Zia, it was before the 2011 revolution, the “Arab Spring.” My future in the pre-revolutionary country. I couldn’t see it, and I didn’t want to work in Japan at that time. Some of my college classmates at the time are now working in the Tunisian government, and even the “Arab Spring”.

If it happened so early, I might not have left Tunisia either. But now

I’m glad I chose my life, and I’m happy, so I have no regrets.

-What was your first job when you came to Japan?

Import and wholesale of food. During that time, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, and it became the first charity bazaar.

I will participate. The kind of festival in Japan is called a bazaar, but cooking. I like to do it and I used to do it every day, so I not only sell imported ingredients, but also cook and shake myself. I tried to dance. Former Prime Minister Noda’s wife also came to the charity bazaar. This In the wake of this charity, events in Tunisia and other Arab countries and embassies I’ve become more and more involved in the bazaar.

There was also an Islamic chapel mosque near the imported food store I was doing at that time, so gold. At the time of worship on Sundays, I started to make kebabs and kebabs (meatballs) tagines and behave. At that time, I tried to make an original paella with couscous instead of rice, but it is rare. It was popular because of the fact. Whether it’s a bazaar or a mosque, you’ll be happy to eat your own dishes, and there’s a lot I wish I could have a restaurant where I could interact with people and have fun and serve Tunisian Mediterranean cuisine by myself. It is the starting point that I started to think about.

-Mediterranean cuisine with a mix of cultures from different countries. What exactly is Tunisian-style Mediterranean food? 

The country of Tunisia is located in the northern part of the African continent, but it is located across the Mediterranean Sea. It’s very close to Leah, and many Italians used to live in Tunisia. Chi in Japan Like Chinatown, Tunisia also has a Sicilian town where Italians live. 2008 In the year, Tunisia had the highest per capita consumption of pasta in the world. Mainly pasta and bread It’s also a feature that you don’t use much rice. In Europe including Italian food, and in neighboring countries such as Africa and Asia It may be Tunisian-style Mediterranean cuisine that has all the characteristics mixed.


Aiming to serve dishes like tapas that feel like snacks

-Why did you decide to try restaurant sharing?

The first is that the problem of capital can be cleared. Restaurant sharing is better than opening a store from scratch. Is easy to get started. Besides, I’m a foreigner, so the person in charge of restaurant sharing doesn’t know. It was encouraging and very helpful to be able to discuss important matters at any time. Also, I want to open a restaurant with a concept like a Mediterranean izakaya, but I want to be successful. There is no proof, and it is also great that I wanted to try it first. 


-What kind of menu do you think you will provide?

When it comes to Mediterranean cuisine in Japan, Nakano’s “Carthage” and Shin-Okubo’s “Hannibal” are famous. Do I also go to delicious restaurants, but what I want to do is not a restaurant but an izakaya. So, the image is to serve Mediterranean cuisine that feels like a snack, like tapas in Italian cuisine.

doing. Basically, make sure that you can serve food, drinks, alcohol, etc. all from the Mediterranean. I’d like to do that, but I’d like to do trial and error from now on.


-How did you decide on the name of the store?

It is the name of a flower that represents Tunisia. The imported food store I used to do is also “JASMIN” was. The image of the store sign is the street name actually displayed on the road in Tunisia. I made it like a sign and I really like it.


Obtaining a difficult food hygiene manager and Square examination

-What was the difficult point before the opening?
It was difficult to get a food hygiene manager. If you want to get it early, the seats of the class will be filled There were many things that had been done, so it’s best to prepare for this early. Qualification study There is a language problem in terms of learning, but if the text is on the website, Google Translate
Because there are such things, I could understand the general meaning immediately and there was no problem. Then, Square (* Set it on your smartphone or tablet to make a POS cash register for payment. I want to use a system that uses an IC card reader that can be used, but a restaurant In the case of sharing, you will have to apply for the address at the owner’s shop. So the Square side.

At the time of the examination, I applied at a Mediterranean izakaya, but the address of the actual store is the udon restaurant, isn’t it?
You might think that. I was worried that the examination would pass properly, but this If there is a problem, the person in charge of restaurant sharing will explain in detail. Is it a relief?

-Do you feel any language problems when opening the store?
I used to take Japanese lessons for about two years in the ward’s Japanese language course, and my family is Japanese, so I usually do it. I don’t feel much of a conversation or work problem, but Japanese has a lot of honorifics and kanji. it’s difficult. Sometimes it’s still difficult to hear that it’s fast, and when it comes to running a store, it’s a phone call. I plan to resume studying Japanese as I want to make sure that there are no mistakes in the correspondence.

My dream is to make only cooking a job

-Are you currently doing any other work?
On weekdays, I am working on checking containers at the port of Yokohama due to logistics. Contents of the container. After issuing all of the above, check for any deficiencies. I have an image of port work early in the morning, My work starts around 8 o’clock, so I wake up around 5 am on weekdays. So In parallel with this, we will start a Mediterranean izakaya, but we are thinking about business hours from 17:00 to 24:00 on weekdays. Su.

-It depends on how many days a week it is open, but it will be a hard schedule!
Well, I haven’t decided yet …! I’m thinking of getting a friend to help me with the store number For example, I wanted to open as many stores as possible, such as setting a day to leave the closing work to a friend. Good luck My dream is to get the store on track so that I can work only at the store. Su. In the future, it would be great if you could run multiple stores with restaurant sharing or have your own store. I’m happy.